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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly [userpic]
Friend add/remove
by 陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly (onyomi_tsuki)
at August 15th, 2006 (02:10 am)

Our best friend is the Admin Console. It's the greatest tool we're given... it makes life in RP communities so much easier. Under the cut is a list of characters to add and remove from your buddylist. Just follow the link, and input what's what's there, and you're set to play!

If you find you're not on the list comment below and we'll fix it ♥

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 3rd 2006

Friend add narplicity
Friend add narplicity_ooc
Friend add narplicity_logs
Friend add twomindsonebody
Friend add happyhyuuganeji
Friend add ukonariffic
Friend add sunnyandsassy
Friend add tousama_no_hime
Friend add biteme_fcker
Friend add slugedsnakebrat
Friend add almost_rejected
Friend add akatsukikakashi
Friend add mori_no_ino
Friend add user_defined
Friend add immortal_snake

Friend remove sibscallmepunk
Friend remove oro_san
Friend remove uchihatensai
Friend remove kyuubi_sama
Friend remove shikamaruchan
Friend remove shadowshika
Friend remove uchihateme
Friend remove fanboysuke
Friend remove fan_of_fury
Friend remove sasuplayboy
Friend remove orochisama
Friend remove lovetheshark
Friend remove therealuzumaki
Friend remove notahag