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陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly [userpic]
by 陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly (onyomi_tsuki)
at August 18th, 2006 (06:37 pm)

Us mods talked it out, and we've decided to give you, the members, a little homework. It's not much, but it's a bitch to explain things that have gone on in the community. If you wouldn't mind doing up some details of what's happened to your characters no more than a few paragraphs, please. that would be great! It's just a little something for people so they don't get confused, and overloaded when we have to update them on the happenings of the community.

Reply with everything here, and we'll shove it somewhere for comm use. Thank you! ♥


Posted by: happyhyuuganeji (happyhyuuganeji)
Posted at: August 19th, 2006 12:54 am (UTC)
ded from crack

*takes a DEEP breath*

Neji: Neji comes from a world where he is the main house member, and Hinata is the branch house member. When he first arrived, Neji was confused about himself and tried too hard to be happy and nice. Since then it's finally sunk in that it's no necesary, and has toned it down a bit. A BIT. XD He'd never been a very good ninja, in his world or this one. And at first he came to this world with a crush on the Naruto from his world, then thanks to Haribi, his demon, he developed a nasty bout of obsession for femme!Shikamaru. He annoyed her for quite a while, convinced that his soul was rotting, before she finally was sent back to his own world, and he was freed for good. By then he'd been in a relationship with OOC!Gaara for a while, and was overjoyed that he could finally focus his affection on him. Also by then, he'd defected to Sound because of how unhappy he was that Kyuubi had taken over as Hokage, and is still a member of Sound, now. He mostly just cooks and decorates and stuff, though. XD Right now he is pregnant with Gaara's child, also thanks to Haribi. However, the chakra needed is so great that neither he nor Haribi have any to spare. He can't use Byakugan or any jutsus, or overexert himself at all, really. And that's cutting it short. >_O!

Hanabi: Poor darling Hanabi comes from a world that did not appreciate her eccentricities. There is no main or branch houses in her world, but that's pretty much the only reprieve she got. She was institutionalized at the age of seven, her entire family thought she was insane, and she'd only recently got out before being sent to this world, now age ten. She hates her sister Hinata, who constantly looked down on her and teased her. Upon arriving here, she developed a crush on a small Kabuto, and later a very rude Kankuro who actually beat the crap outta her. XD She was briefly taken care of by the IC!Kankuro, but she left him soon after, and has been living with Tayuya ever since.

Ino: Ino was raised since the tender age of three in the deep, dark forests of god-knows-where. Her father took her there because she'd been beforehand kidnapped and he was paranoid that it would happen again. He was so paranoid, in fact, that he told her that no other person, especially no other man, was to be trusted but him -- It was for that reason that she screamed the day the lost Aburame Shino stumbled across her home. Her father snapped his neck and, distraught himself for killing a young boy, ordered that Ino bury him. Since that day, she was convinced that she herself had killed him, and his memory still haunts her. Since coming to Konoha, she has learned that some people can be trusted... But she hasn't quite learned WHO. She's currenly living in the Uchiha District at the hospitality of Uchiha Sasuke. She'd naive and can be kinda of dumb and airheaded, and takes things too literally, but is still sweet and tries to be helpful. Things confuse her easily, and she can be forgetful or dismissive.

*DIEZ* If you think I missed anything important, please say so and I'll fill in more blanks! *Hug* XD

Posted by: Sabaku Temari (barely_winded)
Posted at: August 19th, 2006 06:31 am (UTC)
This is Rachael <3
Silence Would Be Appreciated


Shikamaru was of negligible influence. She met her IC Self early on - he, in fact, introduced her to this reality and the situation. Shikamaru, however, was never of the opinion that she was a she. Hence, looking, acting, speaking, and talking as a man, she took on this rather bizarre version of Konoha. She believed everyone was ... an idiot. She traded places with IC for a while (to avoid an overfriendly Temari) and then went on to berate her IC self (in a manner of speaking) for allowing himself to be captured once while sleeping. By Kabuto - who she later took on in a fight with IC's help, leading Kabuto to a femalization. Shikamaru discovered this later, when Kabuto was attempting to... well, she didn't quite know. Shikamaru became involved with OOC!(Happy)Neji, who is now dating Gaara - she slept with him while drunk once. From that evolved an angst-ridden one-sided relationship of Neji toward her, who felt restricted, violated, and manipulated (her own feelings, mind you, not necessarily the reality, just hers).

And then she got involved with Kyuubi.

It started out innocently enough. He got her drunk (she had no tolerance) and slept with her (non sexually) on his desk (he was Hokage). And Neji didn't think it was so - in confronting her (Kyuubi showed up at her apartment, the uncanny bastard) and, well, when Neji misunderstood (Kyuubi pushed the misinterpretation) he left in a hurry and... push come to shove, Shikamaru and Kyuubi slept together.

Thus started a very strange relationship that lasted throughout their time in game. There were fits of interaction between Neji, Kyuubi, and Shikamaru, but despite Shikamaru's multiple urgings for some collective force to take over Konoha... it didn't happen.


He cried a lot. He raved a lot. He knew Ino (who called him father for a while) as well as met OOC!Hanabi(crazy) who decided he was more bat-shit insane than she was. Hayate was incredibly lucky. He just couldn't die - even though he actively tried. By the time he left game, he had a seal (Earth or Heaven, I can't remember) from a female Orochimaru who was passing through, and more than enough eye makeup to stock a small army.


He herded. He spoke with two Sasuke's, lived behind one of their homes, and thought it was inappropriate for OOC!Ino(Where's my Daddy?) to be posing for nude photographs. He was asexual, a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, and had short, ragged hair.

He never did get the Brokeback Mountain jokes.

OOC!Temari(Mother to the Dead):

Temari came to Konoha as an actual kunoichi of Konoha, from a vastly different universe of constant war and strife. Former wife of Orochimaru, estranged Suna illegal kunoichi, Temari was not afraid to use her body, wiles, and smarts as a weapon. She had a thirst for knowledge in the arts of... you name it, and passingly affiliated with Gai, Tayuya, Itachi, Sasuke (whose grunts she interpreted), and Iruka.

I love her.

She didn't much effect Konoha.

[[ Who am I missing? *braindead* Anyone? ]]

Posted by: + Orochimaru (oro_san)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 01:44 am (UTC)

((He hasn't done any activity as of yet, but I've been working on his backstory so...))

OOC! Orochimaru

This Orochimaru's childhood was a relatively happy one. His biological parents had died in a war in the earlier years of his life. He'd been shuffled around homes of many civilians, but eventually was then taken in by his father's brother, Tadahiro, a Konoha ANBU; and his wife, Maeka, a chuunin teacher. They taught him the value of morality and how to trust in people; and though they weren't the best of families they were happy.

Because he experienced that happiness, he never developed the yearning for power that he had in canon, and never even thought to desire immortality. He was a hard-working genin with a thirst for knowledge, and he was respect throughout the village for both his skill and his determination. He succeeded Sarutobi as Yondaime and the whole Kyuubi/Naruto fiasco was avoided.

Orochimaru, traumatized byt the loss of his parents as a child, came to despise war and did everything in his power to prevent it and keep the peace in Konohagakure.

Before being sucked into this dimension, Orochimaru was harboring ("A completely platonic--!") an unhealthy obsession with a member of his genin block, Hyuuga Neji, whom he completely adored.

Posted by: Uchiha Itachi (uchihatensai)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 05:37 am (UTC)

((I love writing these things ♥ tell me if you need anything else!))


Itachi's upbringing was one of extreme stress and pressure to succeed. His father strove to push his son to the top, climbing ever higher in the ranks as a ninja. While Itachi loved his mother, he couldn't help but feel betrayed at the way she allowed his father to have free reign over Itachi's future.

Shortly after mastering the Sharingan, Itachi began studying his newfound power, and stumbled across a horrifying discovery. Frightened by this new knowledge, he swore to never let his dojutsu control him, and despite the odds and stress that he endured, he has thusfar succeeded.

About three months after becoming an Anbu, Itachi came to the grim realization one night that he could no longer stand to live as the clan's savior, at the mercy of his father's desire for power. He struggled to reconcile his loyalty to the village and the Hokage, and his hatred and frustrations toward the clan, but in the end, found only two choices left to him; death on a massive scale and a life as a criminal, or freedom with the possibility of being found, and having to constantly fight to remain free. Itachi chose the latter, packed his few belongings, and ran away from the Uchiha compound, taking up residence in an apartment on the far side of Konoha.

Because of his choice, Itachi finds himself constantly on the run, forever trying to hide from his father and the Konoha Police Corps, who work for his father. The only people he allows to visit him are Sasuke, and Shisui. About every three months, he is discovered and forced to fight his father or other members of the Uchiha clan, usually watching his apartment be destroyed in the process (usually by fire or structural damage).

While moving from the burned out shell of his last apartment, after a particularly bad fight with his father, Itachi walked right out of his world and into this dimension, without noticing. At this point in the game (one day after entering this world), he still has not realized that this isn't exactly his home, as he's been preoccupied with post-moving chores.

Posted by: therealuzumaki (therealuzumaki)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)


Naruto was retarded. The end.



Naruto came. And was irritated. Then he saw Sasuke was back. Then he tried to get him back. Then they had a fling. Then Sasuke was like "i g2g kill my bro ttyl ♥" and Naruto was like "k i g2g 2 so ill ttyl qt" and then he went places and then he came back.

Posted by: 陽炎 - Kagerou - Dragonfly (onyomi_tsuki)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 02:29 am (UTC)

LOL Kim... I love you. *_* That was VERY amusing! XD ♥

Posted by: Uchiha Sasuke (uchihateme)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 11:32 am (UTC)
Sasuke - I'd do me

Let's see.

Sasuke stared expressionless despite a glare, tried to kill his friends, and tried to kill his brother.

Sasuke arrived in Konoha seeking his Orochimaru and stumbled upon another Orochimaru who took him as a student. He since runs Sound at his whim and treats everyone like shit. For a while, Sasuke remained asexual until a particular incident involving a Kyuubi, blood, and of course, sex. For a short while he went slightly insane revelling in the new found form of "training". He knocked up one Uzumaki Naruto and had two beautiful boys. His children are the only thing greater than killing Itachi. (But still are not greater than his quest for power.) He has spent a lot of time in the hospital, even quadraplegic for a while. Due to excessive abuse of his level 2 cursed seal, Sasuke has become even less human. He has no second thoughts about killing other people as he sees fit. His skills are even greater with the training from the new Orochimaru. Sasuke is in two 'romantic' relationships. One with the 'mother' of his children whom he values as his closest friend and important person now. The other with his whorish and perverted clone. Both give him things he needs and balance him out slightly. His relationship with the Naruto he grew up with remains rocky and strange. He has failed to kill Itachi a few times, but will not give up. Each time he has become closer to his goal. Due to a few events, Sasuke's hatred and determination to kill Itachi stepped up a notch and he left everything behind to seek his brother only to find the other seemingly has ceased to exist. He arrived back in Konoha in a much more foul mood than he left and created new problems for himself. His love and mother of his children left to Naruto's own universe with the kids finally tired of Sasuke's shit. He also believes his clone, Sasuke, went back to his own world before he left to find Itachi. All of this led to him destroying 1/4th of Konoha single handedly. He stopped due to a seeming universe shift he had on his own while destroying the village. He spends his days training and contemplating how to retrieve his own children. On a domestic note, Sasuke also has a cat, a fish, a duck, and a summonable pet snake.

Posted by: kyomizuhara (kyomizuhara)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 10:02 pm (UTC)
HAH! this is Joyce!

((just thought I could leave a little piece of OOC Naruto before I completely left >.>;; ))

This Naruto Uzumaki grew up on his own as well, he actually did have parents but they abandoned him once the village accused the boy for destroying Konohagakure(back in his universe) when he didn't. Despite that he grew up with the Kyuubi taking somewhat care of him. When one day he stumbled into the Naruplicity universe, yes he literally stumbled there, falling on his ass and meeting Sasuke. And as time progressed Naruto became less bratty and an asshole when he started to love Sasuke, but when Sasuke did something to his one and only close friend he went into Kyuubi mode and thus it was mainly his fault why the Sasuke of this world became more sexually aroused(if that's what you want to call it >_>; ). When Naruto finally decided to have sex with the one he loved he was granted by his Kyuubi two baby boys. Once the children were born and were taken away from him for a little while, Naruto felt he had neglected them and decided to become a full-time Momma. Becoming a full-time mother he noticed even more negative things about Sasuke, it being the sexing of everyone and everything that moved, and leaving his family to kill his brother in quest for power and revenge. While Sasuke left, Naruto contemplated whether he should go home or not, being he felt a little unwanted when Sasuke didn't see him right away when he came back. Being convinced by his own Kyuubi and by his own reason,that Sasuke really didn't love him or have a need for him and being tired of having the constant heartache, headaches, stomach aches Sasuke was secretly causing him, he took his children and universe-jumped himself back home. Though Naruto had two Uchihas, taking care of the third one became too much for him to do.

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