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I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. [userpic]
~*~*~MOD POST~*~*~
by I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. (amoralambiguity)
at May 1st, 2006 (01:56 am)
current mood: accomplished

Hey guys!!

Mean mod here and about to crack the whip because this community is on a downhill run and we don’t want that ne? SO listen up and read this carefully. Trust me, I’ll know if you don’t read this and if you get kicked out because of something stated in this and I know you didn’t read it, don’t complain to me, because as of now, the bitch switch is on.

Now let’s clear up a few matters.

Read this. It's important.Collapse )

Whisper of a Dark Wish [userpic]
We hereby terminate you
by Whisper of a Dark Wish (fiendishnothing)
at March 27th, 2006 (12:51 am)

We're not that strict even though it may seem we are by creating a few new rules lately, but it's to benifit the whole community by doing so. Lately, however, we've run into a problem with our IC Naruto. She has been using her muse to vent her own problems, and we're very aware that some might do that with their own, but we are, however, very strict when it comes to an IC character. Her offenses have not been limited to that, but it is the main part.

We all voted on it, and we're sorry to inform everyone... but the IC Naruto we have now, is no longer in the community. Please take her off your lists for both AIM and LJ. Below is the following information.

AIM: foxynaru or narujima
LJ: fox_naruto

We know just how hard it is to be an IC, and we know that in this community especially, things can happen to an IC that would be an OOC action, but please... going completely OOC with an IC is strictly prohibited.

An example of something OOC happening to an IC character is: IC Shikamaru being drugged by Kabuto and turned into his love slave. It's something totally OOC that could happen to an IC. It may change something of their life, but not how they act. Please keep that in mind when you take an IC character.

Hasta la vista, baby.

EDIT: I've edited this post because I felt there was a point I needed to get across. We don't want people who are playing IC characters to feel pressured to be perfect. Here is why.

We don’t have high expectations of you, the Rper, we completely understand that you will not be perfect, but we hope that you at least research the character well enough to play them how they would appear to be. The IC characters really are the only ones that we’re very strict on. We’re very sorry if you feel you’re being pressured. We don’t want to restrict your fun in rping, because that’s what we want you to have, is fun… but we also don’t want huge mistakes and people being unhappy with how some characters are played. One unhappy person reflects on many… and soon there is a downward spiral of chaos. We want to prevent some chaos. That is why we have rules for certain things.

We understand that as an IC character it’s hard to live up to certain expectations, but what you have to understand is that when you take up an IC you put yourself in that position. You take up the responsibility of playing said character how it should be. You play the characters quirks, and personality how it should… only do actions that it would. There will be slip-ups, as I’m sure there is with any character. We’re not the creator of the character, we don’t know it’s personality as well as Kishimoto Masashi would. So we completely understand that, but you have to at least play the IC within the realm of it’s original personality. Naruto would not emo it up, and if he did… he wouldn’t for very long. He’s a very strong willed character that’s helpful of others and gives rather than takes. Sasuke would only be interested in achieving more power and defeating his brother. Shikamaru would be irritable and want to be left alone to cloud gaze or daydream. Ino would be loud, empowered, and outspoken. A true, feministic woman who wants equality for herself in the battlefield. Those are just examples of a few characters.

Before anyone applies for an IC position, we encourage you to do a character study for the character you want.

Just... please keep all of that in mind. Thank you. ♥

Jenken [userpic]
New Posting Rule
by Jenken (jenken)
at March 26th, 2006 (04:54 pm)
current mood: accomplished

Getting tired of new rules yet? I know I'M not! Remember, these rules are for your own good. And the mod's own amusement.

New Rule: All characters must post in their journals at least once every two weeks, unless an excuse is given or a leave of absence is announced.

If there is some complication, the mods will take each situation in on a case by case basis.

This rule is to ensure the activity of every character. If you do not have the time or interest to update, then there maybe someone out there who does! Don't be selfish; please only take characters that you WANT and will USE.

As the rule starts now, I have personally gone back and checked EVERY SINGLE JOURNAL in the community...and seen who has not posted. Going back two weeks, the last date from today would be March 12th. If you are in the following list, consider yourself warned:

List of Warned CharactersCollapse )

As you can see, it was necessary to make this rule. If you see your character's LJ name, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 31ST. As in the last day of this month. That would mean that some of you haven't updated for an entire month. Bad bad! :O

On Friday, I will be going back to check to make sure those of you who were on the list have indeed updated. If you have not...well...we'll be removing that character's journal from Narplicity unless you can give the mods a good reason as to why you have not updated.

If you have gotten a character and have yet to update...well...I didn't have a way to compare yours to anything. So PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL JOURNALS ARE UPDATED. If you are actually in violation of this rule, but I didn't list you because even mods make mistakes...well...consider yourself lucky, but know that all journals will be rechecked Friday.

If you think you are playing a character that is too minor to update or you have not been role-playing enough to update...then change that! Take your completely random, supposedly-minor character and get them in on the action! Maybe they owned the WORLD in their universe. ...Maybe they were teacup. Who knows! Everyone can be a shining star. *_* All they have to do is try. *kills the corny*

Random checks like this will be made. :D You have been warned. ♥

Accidently Awesome [userpic]
New Rule!
by Accidently Awesome (ed77warr)
at March 26th, 2006 (10:39 pm)
current mood: Rawr
current song: Inoue Kazuhiko - Gekkabijin

Edited at 11:38

Sooo... :D Since there has recently been an explosion in YOUTH, us mods came up with a new rule for you all! Acutaly, Haku suggested it to me and I shared it, but shhhhh

ALL pregnancies MUST be approved by the mods.

Yes. ALL. No exceptions. No excuses.
And no. Not just one mod. All of them too. That means ALL four of us. :D

Submit a written request to the comm e-mail account (Narplicity@hotmail.com) stating:
Who you want pregnant
Who the father is
If the character is male, explain how they got pregnant.
Give a good REASON for them to be pregnant

And: If you are waiting to be approved or if you were rejected, do not go to a mod and beg/plead/whine/angst or try to guilt them into accepting or reconsidering.

We are the mods. Our word is law.

Also! If you get approved to be preggers, please research about pregnancy. It saves the ones who know about that whole 'having a baby' thing from going *headdesk* when you make a giant error.

Thank you for your time and remember: Condoms stop lives. USE THEM. >>

I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. [userpic]
All members. Please read.
by I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. (amoralambiguity)
at March 19th, 2006 (02:17 am)
current mood: bouncy

Please read. Important.Collapse )

I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. [userpic]
Mod post
by I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. (amoralambiguity)
at March 19th, 2006 (01:56 am)
current mood: cheerful

Sorry! I am really sorry I haven't updated anything in recently! I did tonight, before I hit they hay. I have some more to do tomorrow when I wake up too. Again, I am really sorry about that guys! I have a new job and been getting ready for a con next weekend and trying to sell things. Just really busy. I will try not to get that far behind next time.

A request.

As you know, I do have a life outside of the community and I'm sometimes really busy. So I need anyone who has joined in the last month, to PLEASE make sure you comment here: http://community.livejournal.com/narplicity/4470.html . I don't have the time to go around and find out each of your LJ names and Screen names. So please comment there, or I won't add you to the information.

That is really important! I want to keep the information up to date, but if I don't have it, I can't update it. And on that note, everyone please look at the information and make sure you’re on there, and it’s correct. I am human and make mistakes and I want to keep this as clean and smooth as possible. Thank you!!!


I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. [userpic]
Byebye Time!
by I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. (amoralambiguity)
at March 6th, 2006 (08:57 pm)
current mood: happy

Well, it's time to clear out all the OOC stuff in the community. None of you argued for any of the entries, so if its gone, then please don't complain after it's too late.

Might have a rule dump soon. Beware.

EDIT: Well! It's all gone! Yay!

Congratulations to the entries that pulled on my heart strings! You survived!

I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. [userpic]
! Another Mod Dump !
by I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. (amoralambiguity)
at March 3rd, 2006 (12:10 am)
current mood: restless
current song: Under the Sea (little mermaid)

Hey again.

Ok some rule dumping on you guys. If anything is confusing to you, please ask, I will be more then happy to clear things up.

New Rule #1: Character limit of four characters per person. We want to prevent people from over loading themselves. We want to keep stress levels down, because its not fun when RPing becomes a chore.

New Rule #2: If the character is dead IC then he or she can not have an IC, since that would then make it OOC, since IC they are dead. But what we will do instead for these lost souls, is have a special type of IC for them, the acronym we will use for them is DIC, standing for simply Deceased IC. A DIC (yes… you may laugh, blame fiendishnothing for it… it’s her idea XD) is where they come from a world that is exactly the same, so they are IC, just they are alive. They lived through the battle, but that doesn’t mean they won, they just passed out or something to that extent, but otherwise they are IC.

New Rule #3: Characters that we have little to no knowledge about (Basically Yondaime) cannot have an IC.

Ok that’s the rules for now. Now just a few talks and warnings.

Cut for length PLEASE READCollapse )

I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. [userpic]
! Mod Dump !
by I'm Just a Loser with a Mouth. (amoralambiguity)
at March 2nd, 2006 (05:59 am)
current mood: cheerful
current song: With Teeth by NIN

Hey guys!!

Ok! Just mod dumping on you and it’s the first, but definitely not the last from me today. But we the mods are cleaning up and trying to make everything really spiffy and nice for you guys and new members.

As my lovely co-mod fiendishnothing just posted, we made an OOC community (narplicity_ooc remember to join it) for you guys. That’s where you can post stuff to get to know each other, post your ideas, concerns, introduction posts, “I’ll be gone for a bit” posts, and the like. We will be closing off this main community to mod only posting, since this is the place we want to keep organized for important mod dumps like this. So we can tell you about new rules (expect a post from me later on new rules and some changes to the community), make announcements, and just let you know important information without having to worry about it getting lost in the OOC posts.

I am issuing a warning to all of the people who have posted in the main community right now; I am going to clear out the main community of its posts. Yes, that means I will delete your introduction post that you posted in here. Now there are a select few that pull at my heart stings, so I can’t bear to trash them, and I am sorry I am being all selective, but I am mod, hear me roar!

I will be going through and deleting them on Monday. I decided to give you all sometime to say good bye and try to save any you like. If you really want, you can try and argue your case to save a post. Just IM me on Straight8Iruka and argue away, if you pull on my heart strings enough, I might spare it and let it stay.

If you have any questions or complaints, you’re welcome to IM me on Straight8Iruka or comment here. I welcome all of it, since your opinions are very important to me.



Whisper of a Dark Wish [userpic]
by Whisper of a Dark Wish (fiendishnothing)
at March 2nd, 2006 (07:25 am)

More comming from your wonderful mod amoralambiguity later, she'll elaborate more on the comm.

We now have an OOC community for any and all non informational-updateage by mods posts. It's where you will post your "dude, I'm gonna be gone for a few days" or your general "lets get to know each other :D" posts (which we strongly recomend you get to know your partners in crime).

We'd like to make the official community as clean and organized as possible, and in doing that make it look much more presentable so more people will want to join. We feel horrible about this, but if you could please NOT post you character journals on the community, that would be much apreciated.

narplicity_ooc is the name, please friend it.

Thank you very much, and once again more information about the changes in Narplicity later from one of the other mods amoralambiguity